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4thWaveNow - You Don't Understand It All

If gender doesn't matter or make a difference, then why does it make you writhe in pain with every thought?

I don't know when the idea that transgenderism is a "fad" came about. I really do not. In fact, until I had read this article from 4thwavenow.com, I didn't even know such a thought existed. It honestly shocks me a bit. You have all of these people, parents, who don't understand what it's like to be transgender. Because of that, they simply just make their own reality. Because that's easier than actually listening to how your child feels, apparently. I completely understand how appalling finding out your child wants to change sex can be. I can understand how that would feel, for sure. But you know what? I'd support my child no matter what. As a parent, one's job is to always be there for your child, even when you can't understand something. Your kids may not understand what it's like to pay taxes, but they don't go after you for paying them.
      And you know, this whole situations is JUST like that. The parents don't understand so they attack their children. Attack. They're supportive upfront but behind their backs they are literally disregarding their mental health. They say such awful things about their own children who they seemingly love so much. (Oh yes, I read every comment on that website. Don't you worry...) Parents seem to focus on the "but he has a penis" or "she has a vagina" aspect. All parents see are genitals, it seems. Isn't that a little unorthodox in it's own regard? Focus on those genitals for too long parents, and then realise finally that it's pedophilia.
      On that topic, how did the idea come about that transgenders are pedophiles, too? I see accusations as such all of the time. Identity and sexuality are very different. A gay man doesn't automatically like children, does he? Or how about the fair lesbian? She's not going after little children, either. Or, reader, you may be a parent. Chances are you're cisgender, and heterosexual. Are you a pedophile automatically because you're a man / woman and straight? No. Not after you stop focusing on your own children's genitalia.
      Religion seems to be a large strongsuit in all of this. I can understand why. But at the same time, really, it doesn't make sense to me. There's so many supportive religious people, because they don't get consumed by this hateful ideology that some religious parents bring to their children. The sad reality is, you can't change how a person is raised. At all. But for the sake of your children, the ones you are supposed to love. Love them! Did you ever consider that your ideity maybe wanted your children to be this way? I mean, why not, right? If they didn't want them that way, then why are they? Don't ideities control all thoughts and things in our known Universe?
      Of course skepticism still arises in secular people too. (Hah, you were about to go ham in the comments on a rant because I mentioned religion is a strongsuit.) But really. When it gets to the point where ALL of your bookmarks on your device's browser include 'Transgender Treatment Alternatives" or "Sex Change Regret" or "Listen to your Gut and not the Therapist," you need to stop and think about how radical you are being. Yes - you don't want your child to transition. But you want your child to be happy! Don't you? Lots of comments at 4thWaveNow described them in their teen years having "phases" of transgenderism. I take this to be untruthful - rather, it is being used as a way to deter people away from the idea of acceptance. Because of those who slander, the ones who TRULY feel transgender are left to suffer the consequences. As unfortunate as it may be, it is not changing anytime soon. Those who wish to twist the understanding of transgender people will do so. Parents then go ahead and assume everything's a phase, even after years or upwards of 6 months of their children feeling transgender.
      Then, of course, you have a person calling this whole idea of transgenderism a hypothesis rather than a reality. By that logic, religion is also simply a hypothesis. Math is just a hypothesis, too. The political candidate you believe in? Also a hypothesis. Nah, forget beliefs or differences. Oh, maybe plants photosynthesising is also a hypothesis? But then again, you don't hate plants because they photosynthesise and you don't. But if you do, good for you I guess. And if you will start out of spite, sorry you can't be helped.
      I refer back to the beginning of my post: if gender doesn't matter, why make it such a big deal? At the end of the day, it's the other person's body. They know what they want. Think if you said you wanted to paint your house white and people threatened to kill you and brought you to counseling sessions because you wanted to paint your house white? And oh no, goodness forbid someone wear a piece of clothing meant for another gender. In the article by 4thwavesnow, the author links to an article where some "key researchers" explain there is no such thing as a male or female mind. So why does it matter if your son wants to wear girl clothing? Why can't your daughter cut her hair? And isn't it funny that the only research people tend to listen to is research that complies with their beliefs? When I saw a research study that concluded with support that gender dysphoria is a mental illness, I didn't react to it at all. In fact, I agreed with it. Because mental illnesses are not a bad thing. They are simply things that are wrong with us. Illness is defined as a specific condition or disease that prevents your body or mind from functioning properly. Depression is an illness. So is ADHD. So is autism, so is cancer, so is mania and schizophrenia. Hm....do you have murderous thoughts or a lack of respect for the person who is dying from cancer? Or for the autistic child who is trying their best to stay caught up in life? Why not give the same notion to the child who is currently on the verge of dying from the combination of stress, dysphoria, anxiety, depression, and the constant belittling and hate they are always receiving?
      The reason why transgender childrens' transitions seem to be "not working" is because of the lack of support. As a child gets further along, the parent starts to realise this isn't a phase, and starts to go "oh no nope I thought this was a complete joke." They get harder on the child. They say more and more harsh things to the point where the child is afraid to talk to the parent. And then the parent gets mad they won't talk. And when the child does talk the parent gets mad they did. Then the parent proceeds to tell the child they are crazy, and they are horrible for telling them about their feelings and that they make life so much harder. Oh, but don't kill yourself sweetie!
      Transgender people have to live through Hell. For real. Those who truly are transgender know this, and they all wish the same thing - that for just 1 hour, one MERE hour, their parent or guardian(s) could sit in their body out in public and just feel the pain. Then they have no chance of ever transitioning because their parents only look at cases where people changed their minds and not the good stories. I don't blame them for wanting to die, and you shouldn't either. Because, if you're a parent of a transgender child and you are doing this kind of thing to them? You're going to lose them. Forever. Even if they change they are still your child.
      So, parents. Stop being the parole officer, and be the parent. I know you think you're being the parent. And I know you are probably very offended by that. But you should also be offended by your own behaviour - offending your own children. Your children are PEOPLE, NOT extensions of you. And if you don't change, I dearly hope your children can get away as soon as they possibly can. They don't deserve your ignorance. You have your own beliefs. But your beliefs are killing people.

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